You want to join us? 

You want to join us? Like every team, we are always happy to receive applications. We're always on the Looking for people who support us and bring us closer to our goal. To the We are looking to complete our team: 

- Member 
- Community Manager 
- Content Creator 
- Coach for Sim-Racing and Rainbow Six Siege
- Department Manager for Rainbow Six Siege
- Department Manager for Sim-Racing

What we expect from you: 
- Loyalty is particularly important to us 
- fighting spirit 
- spiritual maturity 
- own opinion - motivation 
- respect 
- humor 
- Behavior 
- activity 

We also have some requirements that you should meet in order to become a Justice Member: 

- be at least 15 years old 
- Commonsense 
- good microphone 
- Change your gamer name

Now, of course, you're wondering what we bring with us when we expect so much from you.  
The Answer follows:

- We have an editor that cuts our clips and turns them into good videos. 
- Designers dedicated to creating designs for everything you need. 
- Team backgrounds 
- We offer internal events and tournaments. These are always in high demand and make everyone a lot of fun. 
- We participate in various leagues and tournaments. From time to time there is also something to do to win. But that shouldn't be your first goal. Being there is everything. 
- Active mate
- and much more

Why we? 
Well, that could be described in so many words, but our Organization cannot be described describe, you have to have experienced it. We are like a family, everyone helps each other. If someone needs help with games, everyone is there to help. We always stick together and are there for each and every one of our members. We accept criticism at any time accepting suggestions. But if you really want to know why you should come to us, then apply and find out for yourself.